How do you schedule work?

I book jobs on a first come basis. Please allow at least 4 weeks prior to publication before booking.   As my schedule becomes full that may be extended.  I’m currently accepting immediate bookings.  As that changes, I’ll post updates of my availability.

How long does it take to complete a custom cover?

That depends on the complexity. Normally I can have a custom cover completed in one week but that depends on many factors such as the responsiveness of the author, feedback and the amount of customization required.

How long does it take to receive a pre-made cover?

Pre-made covers will be customized for the author the same day.

What's the difference between your custom covers and pre-made covers?

The only difference is the amount of customization the author is allowed.  I put just as much work into my pre-made covers as I do my custom covers. They are not a stripped down version of my custom covers.  Many websites that offer pre-made covers will slap a photo and some text on a cover with no additional work. That’s not me. Many authors are on a budget but that makes them no less deserving of a beautiful cover.  That’s why I offer premium pre-made covers at affordable prices.

What are your payment terms and what type of payment do you accept?

I require 50% down to book work.  The remaining 50% is due upon approval of design. All files will be delivered once payment has been received in full.  I only accept payment through PayPal.

Do you sell your pre-made covers more than once?

No, Once a pre-made cover is purchased it’s removed from my website and said cover is yours to use exclusively.  (Please note that the stock image used was purchased from a stock site and may be purchased by someone else however I do customize my covers so they are uniquely different than the original photo.)

When I purchase an ebook cover can I upgrade later to a print cover?

Yes. If you’d like a print version of your custom cover simply email me to schedule work.  You’ll be charged the difference between the custom ebook package and custom ebook/print package.   To upgrade a pre-made cover the cost is $50.

Are stock images included in your price?

Yes. Royalty-free licensed images are sourced from several stock photography sites I subscribe to.

Note: Any photos used in the design that are sourced from specialty sites (i.e. romance stock websites, freelance photographers etc.) are not included and will be an additional charge.

How many design concepts are provided?

I usually provide 2 cover designs unless the first design provided meets my clients needs.

How many revisions do you allow?

I don’t limit revisions. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your cover and will work with you until it’s right.

Do you design all genres?

Yes, I do.  Although I specialize in romance and women’s fiction, I also love designing suspense, paranormal and many other genres.

Do you design teasers, blog and social media headers?

Yes I do. You can check out my pricing page for packages or miscellaneous services.

Do you allow changes to be made to your designs by someone else?

No. My designs represent me and for that reason I do not allow any changes to be made by anyone other than me nor will I make changes to anyone else’s.  If you need a minor change after purchase, such as text, I’m happy to accommodate those changes however, depending on the scope of work, there may be a charge.

Still have a question not answered above? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to add it to the FAQ’s.

Ready to take that next step?

I look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your cover.  


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